WR to restore Double decker and other trains

WR to restore Double decker and other trains

  • Posted On: 13-07-2021 07:17:37 PM

Railway Board hos approved for restoration the running special train on existing path, Maintenance, Composition and halts till further advice of following Western Roilwoy owned MSPC fully reserved trains.

02931 MMCT.ADI (Double Decker) from 21st July

02932 ADI.MMCT (Double Decker) from 21st July

09071 ST-MHV from 21st July

09072 ST-MHV from 21st July

09289 BDTS-MHV Exp from 23rd July

09290 MHV-BDTS from 24th July

09309 GNC-INDB Shanti Express from 22nd July

09310 INDB-GNC Shanti Express from 23rd July

09123 BDTS-JAM Humsafar Express from 24th July

09235/09236 BDTS-BVC from 25th July

09419/09420 ADI-SMNH-ADI from 21st July

09304/09303 INDB-VRL-INDB Mahamana from 20th July

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