25+ trains approved by Railways Board to run from this month

25+ trains approved by Railways Board to run from this month

  • Posted On: 18-08-2021 12:23:06 PM

Since the pandemic disrupted the functioning of trains all across the country and the world, in general, proposals for the restoration of trains are often put forth in an attempt to seek normalcy again. 

On this account, a proposal for running the following trains has been approved

a.             55137/55140 (BALLIA-SHAHGANJ-BALLIA)



b.            55172/55175 (SIWAN-MASRAKH-SIWAN



c.             55109/55110 (SIWAN-THAWE-SIWAN)



d.            65107/65108 (VARANASI CITY-BALLIA-VARANASI CITY)



e.             55069/55070 (SIWAN-KAPTANGANJ-SIWAN)



f.              55304/55303 (KATHGODAM-MORADABAD-KATHGODAM)



g.            55316/55315 (KASHIPUR-LA LKU A-KASHIPUR)



h.            55310/55309 (RAMNAGAR-MORADABAD-RAMNAGAR)



i.              55352/55351 (BAREILLY CITY-LA LKU A-BAREILLY CITY)



j.              15061/15062 (KASGANJ-LA LKU A-KASGANJ)



k.            55369/55370 (BAREILLY CITY-PILIBHIT-BAREILLY CITY)



l.              55317/55318 (LA LKU A-KASHIPUR-LA LKU A)



m.         55353/55354 (KASGANJ-MATHURA-(KASGANJ)



n.            15041./15042 (KASGANJ-FARRUKHABAD-KASGANJ)



o.            55372/55375 (PILIBHIT-TANAKPUR-PILIBHIT)



p.            55377/55378 (PILIBHIT-TANAKPUR-PILIBHIT)



q.            55335/55336 (BAREILLY CITY-LA LKU A-BAREILLY CITY)



r.              55357/55346 (KASGANJ-BAREILLY CITY-KASGANJ)



s.             55363/55364 (PILIBHIT-BAREILLY CITY-PILIBHIT)




t.              75305/75306 (BAREILLY CITY-PILIBHIT-BAREILLY CITY)



 53351/52 CAR-BRWD



64957/58 AGC-PWL



69157/58 JAB-BXN



51863/62 AIT-KNH



51869/68 AIT-KNH


50104/03 RN-DIVA



50105/06 DIVA-SWV



50107/08 SWV-MAO



50101/02 RN-MAO



70101/02 PERN-KAWR



70105/06 MAO-MAQ