ECR says Yes to clone train but with a No

ECR says Yes to clone train but with a No

  • Posted On: 04-08-2021 06:11:09 PM

As previously reported by Railtracker, Railway board has asked zones to check for feasibility of continuation of clone trains in the system. ECR which is operating highest clone trains was asked to check feasibility as well. 

Here's what CPTM/ECR had to say

1. There are 03 pairs of ECR owned clone special namely 03392/03391 NDLS-RGD, 02570/02569 NDLS-DBG and 02564/02563 NDLS-SHC. Out of these, 03392/03391 has been discontinued since 16.07.2021 as NR had not given their consent to run further more.



2.  02569/02570 DBG – NDLS clone(daily) having occupancy more than 100% and commercial department desire to continue it. However, 05211/05212 DBG – ASR Exp (daily) which running Tri-weekly at present, its frequency is to be increased to daily as heavy demand of passenger and waitlist are too high for ASR for which commercial has also given proposal to run, but operationally it is not feasible to increase the frequency of 05211/05212 to daily and simultaneously to continue to run 02569/02570 clone. Railway Board may decide accordingly to continue the running of clone or to increase frequency of 05211/05212.



3.  02564/02563 SHC – NDLS (daily) is also having more than 100% occupancy and commercial has given consent to run this train. But due to pit constraint, we are unable to restore regular M/Exp.(03205/03206 SHC – PNBE, 05279/05280 SHC – ANVT) on this account. There are heavy demand from public and commercial department to restore the schedule M/Exp  at the earliest to clear heavy rush.