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Ahemdabad Rajdhani to get an extra additional halt

News already reported previously at Railtracker exclusive .

These ECR trains to run with Electric Loco now


Patna Rajdhani just might get permanently diverted via Varanasi with Halts at Janghai & Prayag junction

As advised by Railway Board the feasible timings to run train no 12309/12310 (RJPB-NDLS-RJPB) Rajdhani Express via DDU-BSB.

WDP4D second trial over Northern Railways at 130 Kmph

Program for route proving run for operation of coaching stock at maximum speed of 130 kmph a rake comprising of maximum 24 numbers of ac&.

Eastern Railway denies feasibility to Push-pull operations to Railway Board


Proposal for Operational halts of train no.01055/01056 LTT-GKP Spl and 01059/01060 LTT-CPR Spl at KHANDWA (KNW).

To improve the crew utilisation, it is planned to extend the JBP crew beat from JBP to KNW and in C.Rly from KNW to IGP instead of existing JBP-ET,.

Repercussions by New train Gandhinagar-Varanasi Express

 Due to the introduction of 22467/22468 (MSPC Number 04273/04274)(BSB-GNC-BSB) Weekly Super-Fast Express timings of following trains will be r.

Revision of traction of train no. 05011/12 (LJN-CDG SPL)

It has been decided to revise the traction of train no. 05011/12 (LJN-CDG SPL) in the sections indicated below:.

West Central Rail to conduct record 150km/hr Diesel High Speed Oscillation Trial

West Central Rail to create history by conducting 150 km per hour high-speed oscillation trial and prove leaders in High-Speed Oscillatio.

New Train Planning

working out of timings and path of a new weekly Express train between Varanasi –GandhinagarCapital, the following timings have been work.