Railtracker Exclusive : Proposals of Northern Railways for utilisation of Trains or Rake

Railway board had recently asked all the zone's to suggest and propose utilization of trains that have a layover of 7+ hours. Here are&n.

Restoration of stoppages of Western Railways trains

Western Railway has provided stoppage to restore following special trains with immediate effect as under:-   .

Restoration of Train no. 02191/02192 (JBP-HW-JBP)Spl train

Authority has decided to restore the service of Train no. 02191/02192 (JBP-HW-JBP)special. &n.

Running of T.No.07395/07396-YPR-KCVL-YPR Garibrath Tri- Weekly Special Express

Running of T.No.07395/07396-YPR-KCVL-YPR Tri-Weekly Garibrath Express special. The details are as under:- T.No.07395/07396-YPR-KC.

Running of T.No.07385/07386 YPR-KCVL-YPR AC Weekly Express Special train

T.No: 07385/07386 AC Weekly Express Special train a. Composition:  .

Trial run of Vande Bharat train at 115KMPH over SNL-NMDA section of NR on 16.07.2021.

Trial run of T-18 Vande Bharat rake- will be conducted on 16.07.2021 between SNL-NMDA section over Northern Railway as per details and timings give.

Restoration of East central railway run trains

With effect from 16.07.2021, Railway board has decided to resume the service of following passenger special trains to.

Almost all northern Railways trains to be restored from this week

  Northern Railway has decided to restore following special trains from this week. A detailed article with their new numbe.

WR to restore Double decker and other trains

Railway Board hos approved for restoration the running special train on existing path, Maintenance, Composition and halts till further advice of fo.


lt is decided to replace 2 rakes of 12951/12952 MMCT-NDLS Rajdhani Exp. (which is at present running as 02951/52) with Tejas rakes, Ex MMCT w.e.f&q.