Running of 03015/03016 HWH-BGP-HWH and 03045/03046 HWH-RPH-HWH Special Train

With approval of Board Eastern railway will run special train as per the following programme:- HWH-BGP-HWH Special Train .

Trial Run of Vande Bharat Train at 130 kmph between NDLS – BSB and BSB – NDLS.

T the tentative timings of trial run of Vande Bharat Train at 130 kmph between NDLS – BSB and BSB – NDLS over NCR will be as under &nda.

Minutes drawn (MD) for the intra Railway Trains of ECoR Proposal of IRTTC-2021-22

Minutes .

Railway board accepts ECR Proposal

 Railway Board has approved the restoration of passenger special trains. With effect from 14.07.2021, the competent auth.

Proposal for running of East Central Railways additional passenger special trains

On account of heavy public agitation and pressure by representatives, Following local trains are proposed by East central railways to run. Today in.

Revision of traction of train no. 05011/12 (LJN-CDG SPL)

It has been decided to revise the traction of train no. 05011/12 (LJN-CDG SPL) in the sections indicated below:.

Running of NWR owned 04815/04816 BGKT-TPJ-BGKT Humsafar SF Special

It has been decided to run NWR owned additional MSPC special train till further advice as per details given below:- 04815/04816 B.

Final Minutes for East Central Railways Proposals for IRTTC-2021


Resumption of stoppages of trains at DIMAPUR (DMV) station

Railway board has decided to resume the stoppage of the following trains at DIMAPUR (DMV) station w.e.f 17.07.2021 which.

New Train : Gandhinagar capital- Varanasi Express might start from 14th July

Timings & path of a new weekly Express train between Varanasi –Gandhinagar Capital The following timings .