Restoration of TEJAS Special Train

Central Railway has Notified to restore the service of train No. Train No. 02119/02120 Mumbai CSMT (CSMT).


Indian Railways' first Rajdhani Express which operates on the push-pull technology will run daily from Mumbai to New Delhi from 1st July onward.

Western Railways extends services of following Special Trains

Western Railway has decided to extend the following RESERVED “Festival Special” trains up to 31.08.2021.

CRS to inspect track laying tomorrow in UMB Division

According to a statement from NR, the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) of NE Circle Mohammed Latif Khan will inspect the section related to lay.

The Second Schedule for Presidential Express with Ram Nath Kovind to Lucknow

President Ram Nath Kovind will on Saturday be visiting Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and the chronicles of his journey are already being recorded in the b.

Restoration of Tejas Express

Railway Board has approved the running of the following trains upon the request of Central Railways .

Restoration and increase in frequency of NCR owned special trains

Upon confirmation of the request sent by NCR, the Railway board has approved the following restoration Restoration of trains:-.

Restoration of Trains - South Western Railways

Central Railway has notified for restoration of T.No:01311/01312 SUR-HAS-SUR Special Train  as per details given below: .

Restoration of Trains - North Eastern Railways

Railways have decided to restore the services of unreserved express special trains till further advise as per details below: .

Running of Bhubaneswar- Lokamanya Tilak- Bhubaneswar One Trip Spl Train by ECoR

ECoR has decided to run one trip to clear extra rush of passengers. Train No. 08575/08576 Bhubaneswar- Lokamanya Tilak- Bhubaneswar .